Arizona lawmakers introduce over 1,500 bills every year! The sheer volume of information can be overwhelming. You’ve found the home of our CEBV Weekly, a condensed, easy-to-follow weekly overview which highlights the most notable bills of each session. Often called “the Iyer Report,” the CEBV Weekly sets the stage for the coming week at the state Capitol, describes bills in motion in brief everyday language, and details their status for the week. We recommend a stance for each bill and cite independent reporting so readers can make up their own minds.

In 2023, the Weekly is broadening coverage to a few elected Arizona state & local boards and commissions, seeking to make it easy to engage with the levels of government that most impact our daily lives.

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Melinda Merkel Iyer 

Native Arizonan. Parent. Co-founder of Save Our Schools Arizona and Civic Engagement Beyond Voting. Author of the Arizona Legislature-focused CEBV Weekly. Working to strengthen my home state for the next generation.